Why should I clean my carpets anyway! There are so many reasons why cleaning your carpets is necessary to keep them in a top notch condition! And no, before you ask... just hoovering them won't quite cut it. Carpets have many functions. They make cold floors warmer and comfier, they reduce noise levels in a home, a workplace or pub for example; but they also play another major role... They are excellent dust, grime and smell collectors! Yes that's right, your carpet pretty much acts as a filter for your indoor surroundings. In the short term, hoovering is a great way of keeping your indoors clean and tidy, but over time there is a build up of all that muck. Think about your health. As carpet experts, our advice is that cleaning your carpets will contribute to keeping you, your family or your employees healthy and happy. It will reduce your exposure to chemicals, moisture, and that dreaded human and animal scurf. Manufacturers would recommend that they are cleaned approx. every 6 months to a year. Value. We spend a large amount of money on the initial purchase of the perfect carpet for our home or business, but so many of us fail to realise that the best way to maintain the value of our carpets is to have them cleaned professionally and regularly. We all need some TLC, so why not give some to our carpets ay? Appearance. When you clean your carpets you realise just how dirty they must have been because they look so much better, and in turn, so does the whole room! Afterwards, they not only feel fresh and great to walk on, but they also smell great as we've taken away all those nasty oils, spills, dust and even bugs that are almost certainly lingering in there (Yuck, I know!). How are carpets cleaned? If you are wondering what the exact process is, just book us and we'll show you... just kidding! There are actually many ways to clean carpets. It all depends on the equipment used and most importantly, the type of material or carpet being cleaned. So whether it is a carpet, a rug, a sofa or a chair you want us to clean, we will carefully assess it before choosing the perfect method to clean that particular carpet, flooring or piece of furniture. If you're still feeling curious, here are a few different ways of cleaning carpets and upholstery. Please note that when selecting our cleaning products we always consider those that are the most environmentally friendly. Hot water extraction Otherwise known as steam cleaning, is widely recognised as the most effective way of cleaning carpets. This is a way of deep cleaning where as other methods can really only be referred to as a light clean. A mixture of water and carpet cleaner is sprayed onto the carpet and then the dirt and water is removed via a strong vacuum into the cylinder. Carpet shampoo. This works by applying products to the carpet, creating a lot of foam, letting it dry (which will bring the dirt to the surface) and then hoovering it all up the day after. Dry cleaning methods. These methods contain minimal amounts of moisture. A cleaning treatment is applied which dissolves the dirt and grime rapidly (meaning this method is extremely quick!) and is then vacuumed off, taking all the gunk with it. Where and what do we clean? We are based in Oldham which is in the Tameside borough of Greater Manchester. Many of our carpet cleaners work close by covering Chadderton, Royton, Rochdale, Middleton and Failsworth. However we are certainly not limited to these areas. Our carpet cleaners serve customers all over Greater Manchester in Ashton - Under - Lyne, Stalybridge, Rochdale, Mossley, Droylsden, Denton, Hyde, Stockport, Dukinfield and many many more.

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