Admiration: Mind and Impression

When I first met that guy, the first impression I formed of him was that he is a typical ordinary guy. There was nothing special about him at all until he started talking. The guy kept talking about his positive habits & hobbies in an indirect way until I totally changed the first impression I formed of him. Now i believe that he is a confident popular guy who is loved by everyone.

Contrary to common beliefs, the first impression can be easily changed as long as you know how to position yourself in people’s minds. I admired the guy after his small talk and not before he started talking. This means that you can change the first impression people form of you by redefinition yourself & your skills verbally. The way you redefine yourself is what can make some people admire you and what can make others love you. your first Impression

The first few seconds of a meeting determines the impression someone will form of you. But the problem with that impression is that it’s based on that person’s background rather than your looks. If he had an old close friend who looks like you he may think that you are an interesting person and vice versa. After the first few seconds pass, you can then change this impression formed of you through talking. Just like the guy in the example above did, the more you keep repeating and asserting your qualities, the more will people believe in them. (see the subconscious mind programming for more information on convincing someone). This alone won’t make people admire you but it will allow you to control the impression they form of you, and if you did that in a correct way, people will definitely admire you. (see the article positioning yourself in order to know how to exactly do it) How to Make People Love you

People will admire you and even love if you succeeded in making them believe that you have the positive traits that they are really in need of. If you convinced a shy introvert that you are a very social person he may admire you, on the condition that you are being nice to him. Love and admiration can happen when you position yourself the right way depending on the person you are dealing with. For someone people to admire you, you must depend on appearing to be very confident while for others to admire you, you must appear to be intelligent. There is no specific formula that can make everyone admire you but its just depends on the person you are dealing with. Important Note

People don’t like it when someone talks about himself directly but they prefer that they discover more about you by asking you questions. That’s why you should direct the conversation in way that allows you to talk about yourself while appearing to be answering their questions. Trying to be cocky may work with some people but the majority won’t admire you unless you are humble.

The other thing is, people will want to avoid you or they will even hate you if your presence reminds them of something they hate. For example, if someone was having great troubles with his career, talking about how successful you are in your career will definitely remind that person of his career problems and he will do his best to avoid you.(see the article love,hatred and the mind for more information on that topic) Steps to make People Admire you

Summarizing all of this information yields the few steps listed below. Follow them well and you won’t find any problem making people admire you.

1-Understand their Background: you wont be able to make someone admire you unless you know what makes that person admires someone else, collecting information about someone’s background is the first step towards making him admire you

2-Position yourself in his mind: based on this information you collected you are going to control the impression he forms of you so that it matches his admiration criteria.

3-Don’t talk about yourself directly: avoid appearing to be arrogant, instead let him ask you questions and deliver all of your messages in an indirect way through answering these questions.

The conclusion is, it’s you who define whom you are and not others, if you accepted the first impression they formed of you even if it was bad then you are the one who allowed this to happen by not redefining that impression. Don’t blame your looks or your attitude towards people, the picture they form of you in their minds is your responsibility, just change it by force and they will admire you.