Business Intelligence Software

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of an analysis which was conducted on SAS (statistical analysis software) in order to make a buying recommendation to the organization for the best BI (Business Intelligence) software package. Business intelligence can be a tremendously valuable tool for organizations such as ours when it is used properly.

The ability to look at the results from the analysis of actual business data and make decisions is critical for our success. This will give our managers the ability to make decisions based on fact instead of educated guesses and theories. SAS’s BI software will provide our organization with the ability to surmount today’s challenges and make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities by aiding us in achieving our short-term and long-term goals and in gaining maximum returns from our information assets.

Presentation and Discussion SAS, founded in 1976, is the leader in business analytics software which consists of data integration, business analytics (science of analysis), and query and reporting. They are the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market which helps customers at 45,000 sites in 109 countries, including 91 of the top 100 FORTUNE Global 500. Simply put; SAS aids companies in making better informed decisions, much faster. SAS customers receive a full collection of support services at no additional cost, including telephone technical support and unlimited 24 hour online technical support.

SAS’s revenue growth in every year since their inception makes them a well established company to seriously consider having as a business partner. This large amount of revenue gives them the ability to reinvest a large percentage in R&D (Research and Development) each year. In 2007 they re-invested 21% which was twice the industry average. This substantial investment in R&D ensures that SAS will continually strive to improve their products and solutions. The aforementioned products and solutions include: analytics, compliance, data integration, financial intelligence, human capital intelligence, IT management, performance management, risk management, supply chain intelligence, and sustainability management to name a few.

Core Technology SAS started their BI from the ground up and they have maintained its fundamental functionality all while continuing to build more advanced features. The sheer amount of data involved with risk management, and the requirements for multifaceted statistical calculations, has meant that SAS maintains a competitive advantage over most, if not all, of their competitors because of their belief in the use of fundamental basics topped with advanced software and seemingly endless resources allowing them to continually improve their product.

Data management SAS performs very well in the regions of data integration, data storage for analytics, and data quality management. These are critical to the success of any project associated with risk.

Risk analytics SAS is a leader in the industry when it comes to performing complex analysis of large amounts of data. Its optimization routines and data handling capabilities mean that it has superior performance (time =’s money) over most of its competitors. SAS’s “tool-box” option means that customers have complete access to the underlying code and can modify risk algorithms in order to meet their specific needs.

Reporting SAS’s BI capabilities provide a flexible environment allowing customers to define and generate risk measurement and monitoring information. The BI capabilities make possible a two-way interaction between users and systems which allows for risk diagnostics, scenario analysis, stress testing, and key risk indicator monitoring/dashboards.

Depth of Functionality: SAS has top of the line functionality in its credit risk and operational risk management software applications. Both offerings include embedded methodologies, data models and compliance features. In addition; due to recent developments, they can offer assistance with security with our daily business dealings with their anti-money laundering and card fraud solutions.

Breadth of Functionality SAS has an extraordinary gamut of solutions covering various aspects of enterprise risk management (ERM). These include market risk, energy risk, fraud management, anti-money-laundering and insurance risk. SAS’s strategy and focus is around risk-based performance management and has long since developed a number of capabilities in this arena. SAS’s business intelligence suite gives them a customer friendly “one stop shop” capability when it comes to integrating risk, finance, and performance management all within a single easy to use platform.

Innovation SAS can assign significant R&D resources and draw on immense pools of technological capabilities in order to continue to improve products and services.