Clocks and We Want War

Although I have collected many songs to use, I am using only a couple. These songs chosen, not only include the mood of the situation, but also connect to the lyrics. The songs I’ve chosen for best fit are “Clocks”, “We Want War”, and “”. I will reveal the reasons for my choices, The free sounding and mysterious songs of Coldplay have always interested me, which led to my choice of “Clocks”. The pieces tone is a curious, mystical, and almost a confused sounding melody, which is what I pictured the Leygates mood to be.

Not only is it lightning, but it sounds happy and has the sense of victory almost. What led me to believe this is, in the story the “Alchemyst”, Nicholas Flamel, Scathach, Sophie, and Josh Newman escape from Dee’s grasp. Therefore, they have gained victory over him, because he wasn’t able to capture them. Also, the reason for thinking it had a taste of curiosity, is because out of the four heroes in the story, none have traveled into a Leygate.

Nicholas and Scathach had heard of them, but never actually new they had existed and were surprised, that they would get to travel through one. Other than the ‘theme’ of the song, lyrics have also been my focus. One set of lyrics” Take me home”, really reached out to me, Nicholas was returning to his home and this would portray the connection perfectly, when they traveled from Ojai to Paris. I also wanted to include Nicholas’s feelings toward Paris, “And nothing else compares” do just that.

That one line shows that Paris is Nicholas Flamel’s favorite city. My last choice of lyrics from “Clocks” would come to be “Am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease”. What I understand from this and why I added it, is because Flamel doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thing. Should he protect the book, or let the Elders return? Should he take the kids through the Leygate, or give up now?