Critical Thinking English Class

I feel so lucky that I took this Critical Thinking English class, It is better than to say this course is like a philosophy class to me , I learn many concepts in this class, and it taught me a lot of useful things to me in study , in life even in my work in the future. Even this is the final paper for the course, but this skill I learned will be continues to be an important part of my life. Firstly, I learned to be a critical thinker, I believe that critical thinking is based on self-corrective concepts and principles, not on hard and fast, or step-by-step, procedures.

When we plan to write and speak we can ask right questions like ““Who? ” “What? ” “Where? ” “When? ” and “How? ” The facts need to be accurate, clear, and precise. Questions that get to the details of facts, with words like “exactly,” “how much,” “what time,” To think this carefully, it can be good for us to communication with other people and it helps me to recognize the wrong or right information learning to think clearly and carefully takes training, patience, and practice. I think after I learn the new strategies of critical thinking, I know communicate carefully with clarity, depth, precision, accuracy, and logic right now.

Then I learned to use panning for gold approach, it is interact actively with stated facts, determine problems with reasoning and it can fill the gaps of uncertainty or doubt, even discover some amazing things maybe. And I also to be a strong sense thinker. It is consider all logical opinions, including personal opinion and accounts for logical reasoning of another’s personal opinion. In addition, I knew the value conflicts,it allows us to be open to multiple points of view, because of different people have different values.

Right now , before I justify something , I wouldn’t be emotion, I will use reverse role-playing. take a position opposite the other people’s position and identify which values are important to that opposite position. When it comes to the value assumptions, I will evaluate the right reasons and make a value assumption to combine the conclusion, it is useful for me when I am doing an analysis report. Moreover, in the chapter senven about “Are There any Fallacies in the Reasoning? ”, I learned that In this chapter, we learned about the reasoning “tricks” that some writers might use while trying to persuade you to accept a conclusion.

These “tricks” are more commonly known as fallacies. There are many styles of fallacy like “ ad hominem”, ”slippery slope”, “appeal to questionable authority” and so on. After I learned it , when I have questions requiring me to make judgments more directly and explicitly about the worth or the quality of the reasoning. I will examine the reasoning structure to determine whether the communicator’s reasoning has depended on false or highly doubtful assumptions or has “tricked” you through either a mistake in logic or other forms of deceptive reasoning.

At lastly, statistics is also very useful in my every part of my life, I learn to Distinguish the difference between mean, mode, and median. This is the most frequency method used in prove our conclusion. We use it to inappropriately) to rate the performance of a new movie, to measure the sales of a new product, to judge the money making capabilities of certain stocks, to determine the likelihood of the next card’s being the ace, to measure graduation rates for different colleges. As a critical thinker, I should strive to detect erroneous statistical reasoning.

Because there are a variety of obstacles to getting accurate statistics for certain purposes, including unwillingness to provide truthful information, failure to report events, and physical barriers to observing events. In a conclusion, the most interesting concept I learned is statistics, because we interact different numbers in our daily life, I know how to distinguish which is right or wrong to me. Anyway, critical thinking class taught me a lot of things, I will use it in my academic studies, work experience and a lot of my part of my future life.