Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is basically critiquing the thinking of yourself or another individual. According to the text, Critical Thinking “You might say that critical thinking involves thinking about thinking; we engage in it when we consider whether our thinking (or someone else’s) abides by the criteria of good sense and logic” (p. 2). Mistakes are made in reasoning and this is where critical thinking helps. Critical thinking is a process that takes skilled thinking. Critical thinking is reflecting on your reasoning and trying to make it better.

According to the text, Critical Thinking, “We think critically when we evaluate the reasoning we (and others) use in coming to a conclusion about something” (p. 25). The result in critical thinking is making a wise decision, coming to correct conclusions, and not having to do the same process over and over. Logic and good sense are a part of critical thinking. If there is no logic and good sense then there is no critical thinking. Critical thinking involves in depth thinking and consideration.

Things such as emotion, greed, and stupidity get in the way of critical thinking. Critical thinking involves being a rational thinker in other words the thought process has to make sense. Analyzing, examining everything that comes with the situation or decision that has to be made. Critical thinking is important because it allows for everything to be on the table and then it can be evaluated to form a correct conclusion. Overall, critical thinking is a process that can be mastered and will only be beneficial.