Deterioration of Values

Today, we can see big change in the moral values of people and this change is not positive but negative. Lack of family, religious values and parental control can be described as the main cause for the decline in moral values among youths today. In earlier times, the younger generation respected elders, but that is no longer the case. Today, they are mocking their elders, abusing them and ignoring their teachings. I believe deeply that the desire to maintain morals is deep rooted within all of us. But it’s the technological developments which have eroded this and will continue to do so even more as we become more advanced.

All of us imitate the west. Why should one imitate western culture for bad thing? Take good things from western culture, their work culture, their dignity of labour, not pub culture and violence. Preserve your culture. And add good things to your culture. Give good to the society, good will come back to you. There should be limits for everything and anything which goes beyond limits is bad. Now, who has to teach moral values, is it the teacher? Is it parents? Is it society? Is it government? Is it your religion? Is it yourself? I say all.

All of them have a role in teaching us moral values. Today, most of us are just Human beings physically. Most of the qualities of a “good human being” do not remain within us. We are politically unstable; no justice is available to the common man. Most of the countries of the world are ruled by corrupt people. But we are unwilling to realize this fact. No one wants to raise his voice for the right cause. Arrogance, greed and leg pulling is common in our system. This is all because one never wants to look beyond his own self, unlike before every one is working for his self interest now.

Joint family system has declined in recent decades. It is time now that we should wake up from this careless sleep. We should stop day dreaming and identify our own true culture, giving importance to our values. It is not too late if come to our ways and save our heritage. It will be better for our society. As individuals, we should join hands to form a strong nation with its true identity and work hard for a bright future ahead. So we need to look after our values and remember who we are and how we can become role models for generations to come.