Education vs Budget Cuts

When I think of education, I think of how great it is and how far it can take us. Education is just as important as history. You know how they say if you don’t know your history you don’t know where you come from? Well, same goes for education, if you don’t have education you can’t go very far in life. These days, if you don’t have a college education it’s hard to find a good paying job because just having a high school diploma or a GED isn’t enough.

Austin Bureau says, “Educators have again warned state lawmakers that severe budget cuts will hurt public education and pleaded for more flexibility in the way school districts deal with lower funding”. Because of the budget cuts, education is one of the main things being cut, next to jobs. The problem isn’t that government can’t afford to pay for education; the problem is our governor, Rick Perry. Even though Governor Rick Perry says the government can’t afford to give any money towards education, that isn’t the case, he just doesn’t want to take any money out of the rainy day fund to pay for state education.

It is only state education being cut the children in private schools don’t have to worry because the government doesn’t pay for their tuition. Governor Rick Perry doesn’t want to give any money towards education. He says that there is no money to give. Due to the budget cuts, Beltline Intermediate in Cedar Hill has been closed down. The school not only closed down but the teachers weren’t relocated to different schools, they are now out of jobs all together.

Schools in Dallas are also having a major issue with the budget cuts because teachers are being laid off and in some cases they are also offering teachers a certain amount of money to go ahead and quit. Patricia Arvanitis, a parent and president of Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts PTSA says, “He needs to reevaluate the budget so education is a priority and he needs to agree to give districts flexibility”. In response, the governor stated, “Government must become more efficient and not raise taxes as tough budget decisions are made.

These are the kinds of challenges that Texas families have been dealing with for the past couple years”. Although this is a true statement, that still doesn’t explain why the he, as the governor of the state of Texas, doesn’t want to help the state when it comes to state education. This is a selfish act. I have no doubt that the only reason Governor Rick Perry is making such poor decisions is because he wants to run for president of the United States very soon. I don’t think it’s fair that education is being cut and schools are being closed down.

What does that really help? Nothing! It leaves the world with more uneducated people and it leaves teachers out of jobs and unable to care for their families and themselves. Austin Bureau and Gary Scharrer both say that the reason education being a part of the budget cut is because, “School superintendents want more freedom in determining class sizes and permission to cut employee pay or to furlough teachers and other district employees, which school boards cannot do today under state law”. The fact the education is being cut is ridiculous all together.

Class sizes have nothing to do with how people get an education. No matter how big the classes are, one student is getting the same education as the next. A few weeks ago, students, teachers and parents went to the state capitol to protest. They were protesting against the governor and his decision to not give money for education. Not only do they believe that education shouldn’t be part of the budget cut, they also don’t believe that people should lose their jobs either. Students also staged a nation walkout to keep programs such as athletics and fine arts programs like choir and band.

Morgan Smith says, “As the Texas Education Agency appeared before members of the upper chamber for the first time since the release of an initial budget that reduced school funding by $9. 3 billion, senators offered clues as to where they thought cuts would be most appropriate”. That number is ridiculous and irate. That is a lot of money being cut from education. I honestly want to know where the money is going. In my opinion it can’t be going anywhere that more effective than education. It’s not only effecting the state of Texas.

Larissa Mae Suarez says, “Simultaneous actions also took place in other schools outside Metro Manila, organized by the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), against the state’s abandonment of its responsibility to ensure quality and accessible education for the youth”. With this being said, it’s not only a state problem; it’s a national problem also. Although Rick Perry had nothing to do with national problems, I think that the state and national government need to budget money better.

In conclusion, education is major part of life and I don’t feel that it should be cut. If there is enough money in the rainy day fun to give towards education so that students could get the proper education that they deserve and teachers can keep their jobs then it should be given. I don’t think it’s fair the school funding is being reduced by 9. 3 billion dollars and it’s only towards public education. Although private education is an alternate decision, everyone can’t afford it.