Fashion Promotion

The culture of Arab world and the western world is far more different. The religion, life style, language, values and norms everything is different. For Arabs, family is the center of their life and they give very much importance to their religion. Their males are the dominant authority in homes and women are restricted to the house chores and looking after of the family. Whereas the west world is totally different. For them family is important but not the center of their life.

And their males and females have the same authorities and work together. Despite the cultural difference the emergence of media awareness and the global communication has brought a lot of change in the life style of the Arabs. (Tradoc, 2006) Although Arab’s norms and values are same, their life style has changed with respect to the fashion. The impact of the western fashion can be easily observed in Arab world. Their traditional dress for males is a rob with a headdress and their women put on full length body cover with veils.

But now the trends are changing although in some Arab countries the traditions are followed to their fullest specially in the Arabian Peninsula, but the western fashion has impacted on them as well a great deal. The teenagers and youngsters wear the western dresses and they like western style. Their favorite musicians, singers, authors include the people from west. They are greatly inspired by the western media and really like their movies.

The reason to choose the subject area is to study the western fashion impact and domination of western life style in the other cultures especially in the Arab world, as their culture and life is totally different but west has even then has affected them strongly. Western fashion has been appreciated and adopted with the great interest. Western brands have become the symbol of status for the world elite. Teenagers follow the western fashion with proud and always appreciate the new trends and changes. Tradoc, 2006) The business world in the west and the Arab countries faces the strategic business issues due to the socio political environment of the world. There have always been some threads among the business world of the Arabs and West. The issues of the Iraq, Iran and oil has greatly impact the business world. Mostly Multinationals avoid investing in the Arab countries because of the volatile political conditions. And this has greatly impact the fashion industry of the west too.

As the political issues cause the hatred among the youngsters about the west and specially the event of the Israel and Iraq has changed the scenario for the whole Muslim world about the Western country. This all has created a significant impact on the Arab’s perception of West world. They sometime boycott the West products brands as to show the brother hood for the other Arab countries and the dislike and disrespect for the western brands. (Corm, n. a) The political restriction to trade with the countries also can be an issue for the success of the fashion industry of west in the Arab countries.

For example the restrictions imposed on Iran and the war in the Iraq this all create significant impact on the promotion of the fashion industry and fashion brands too. (Corm, n. a) Although the western fashion is significantly admired but the females of the Arab world cannot adopt the fashion as it is against their norms and the religious values. As they wear full body covers with the veils they do not appreciate the Western fashion as they consider it against their traditional dressing.

Although the girls to a certain age wear western dresses but as they grow up they are forbidden to wear western dresses. But they sure use the cosmetics, bags and other such accessories with the western brand tag. (Hafez, n. a). Media plays a significant role in creating the awareness and covering the world wide events. Media has familiarized the Arab world with the fashion industry of the west. In Arab 200 new satellite stations are working ad they are also broadcasting the western brands and news about the fashion icons of the west world.

Media has always promoted the international brands and presents them as the elite’s choice and the choice of the renowned people. The people take those brands as the status symbol. Example of the Western Fashion boost in the Arab world could be taken from the Dubai Festival, as their many international brands mostly from the West and the European countries are invited to display their brands and product and people from all over the world come to the festival and purchase things. (Hafez, n. a). Cultures of the Arab world and the Western world are significantly changed.

Their norms, values, religion, language and the life styles are totally opposite to west world. But there is a great impact of the western fashion on the Arab’s. Especially on their teenagers and the youngsters. In most organization their dress code is a western suit, although the traditional dress of the Arabs is long rob and a headdress. Their children war the uniforms that are same as the western kids wear. This all shows the great impact of the west fashion and the world on the Arab world.

Although there are some restriction s in the Arab culture for the women about dressing up and they cannot follow the Western fashion to the fullest but they use the women fashion accessories with the western brand tag on it. Arab’s teenagers are greatly inspired by the fashion icons of the western world and they immensely like their dressing style, music and products. They try to follow the latest fashion trends in the world and prefer to buy the western brands as they have become a symbol of the status not only in the Arab countries but on all over the world.

The western fashion industry like other business industries faces problem with respect to the political issue among the Arab and the Western countries and their business also faces decline when their artists and the brands are discouraged because of the western world interference in many Arab Countries. And media plays a great role in influencing the people. They broadcast a political event with negative impact and that creates the hatred among the people and boycotts the western products. And this trend is increasing as compare to the past.