The Governor and Bureaucracy In Texas Assignment

The HB 217 related to the types of beverages that may be sold at public school campuses. The Publics schools could only sell the following: (1) water, (2) milk with a fat content of one percent or less, (3) fluid milk substitutions permitted by the United States Department of Agriculture under 7 C.F.R. Section 210, (4) 100 percent vegetable juice, (5) 100 percent fruit juice, (6) zero-calorie electrolyte replace or zero-calorie vitamin enhanced water beverage, or (7) an electrolyte replacement beverage other than one described by Subdivision (6), but only if the electrolyte replacement beverage is provided at the discretion of a coach to students engaged in vigorous physical activity lasting at least one hour. However the previous subsections don’t apply if: (1) if school is not in session, (2) before the beginning of the breakfast period, or (3) or at the end of the last period of the day.

Governor Rick Perry vetoed HB 217 simply because he did not agree with it. He felt that the House was going a little bit to far on the limitations of what should be sold at public schools. He agreed that he too believes in the health of the youth, but these limitations were pushing it. He explained, “House Bill 217 takes this effort to an unreasonable and unnecessary extreme, and would limit access to such innocuous beverages as two percent milk.”

I completely agree with Perry. I think that these limitations are a bit too extreme. Yes, I do believe in the health of the youth. However, kids should be able to drink whatever milk they want. If they want to drink soda they should be able to drink soda. I just think the HB is going too far.

Governor Rick Perry Vetoed SB 504: Senate Bill 504 was concerned with eliminating the requirement that certain schoolchildren be screened for abnormal spinal curvature. Perry disapproved of the bill because it would remove the states requirement that the schools screen all 6th and 9th graders for abnormal spinal defects. The screening detects spinal curvatures, helping to avoid extensive surgery, scoliosis or abnormal curvatures later in life. I agree with governor Perry because I think that the screening is beneficial to the children. It will allow the children to get proper treatment.

Governor Rick Perry Vetoed SB 1234:

Senate Bill 1234 deals with the prevention of truancy and the offense of failure to attend school. The Bill wanted to place children in behavioral improvement plans. Governor Perry vetoed this bill because it doesn’t track the child from district to district and they are often lost as the student goes from one school to another. He also believed that the Bill would hurt established local programs and prevent schools from identifying and helping address the issues students are facing. I also agree with Governor Perry on this situation. You need to keep contact with the children even if they move from district to district. That way you will have information on that child wherever they may go.