Julius Caesar Mark Antony

Mark Antony is very loyal to Caesar. He sometimes acts if he is Caesar’s servant. His loyalty and dedication is appropriate. His deference is also sometimes excessive, but not mindless. Antony cares and loves Caesar as if they were brothers. Mark Antony is so very loyal to Caesar, that at times he calls him “Caesar my lord,” (pg. 3, Act I by Antony). Mark Antony is honest, and cares for Caesar. His loyalty is appropriate, because during the time frame most people were loyal instead of being a traitor of a friend, family member, or of a country.

Antony is also notably obedient to Caesar. “When Caesar says “do this’ it is perform’d,” (pg. 4, Act I by Antony). He is also very truthful. When Caesar was killed by Brutus and Cassius, Mark Antony did not betray Caesar. Mark Antony stated,”…I know not, gentlemen what you intend, who else must be let blood, who else is rank: If I myself, there is no hour so fit as Caesar’s death hour, nor no instrument or half that worth as those your swords, made rich with the most noble blood of all this world,” (pg. 3, Act III by Antony).

He stayed by his side, and with Octavius defeated Brutus and Cassius in battle. Mark Antony is a brave person. He stood up for what he believed was the right thing to do for Rome, when Caesar was killed. He did not say in his speech at the funeral what Brutus and Cassius wanted him to say. He got the people to a point where they did not like Brutus and Cassius because they killed Caesar for the wrong reasons. Antony’s deference is excessive but not mindless.

His deference is not mindless because he is loyal, and wants to show that he is all of the time. His actions are not foolish. They are sometimes excessive because he acts as if Caesar is his lord, and he is his servant. Mark Antony is a genuinely good person. He is loyal and trustworthy of Caesar. Even when Caesar dies, he still fights for what is right, and what Caesar would believe what was best for Rome. Though his deference is excessive, his actions are not foolish and done with good intentions.