Personal Responsability

Even though it is easy to say that it cannot be done this it is too hard and takes way to long, it is my responsibility to take charge because it will better my life and my families lives. Personal responsibility affects my life in three ways. These ways are setting goals, proper use of time, and finding financial stability. Personal responsibility to me means having total accountability for all past and present actions. It lets people know that they can depend on me by looking at what steps I take to reach my goals and by managing my life with school, work, and family events.

Managing personal responsibility with time and setting goals will lead to success, and financial stability. It is my personal responsibility to take charge of my life, time, and any events that take place in the future. Without personal responsibility none of my goals will get accomplished on time leading to no financial stability. When setting goals one needs to perform some basic steps and have a basic time frame to reach short-term and long-term goals. These steps will allow one to be financial stability.

The short term goals that are set early will affect many long-term goals in the end. The responsibility is mine to make sure that my short-term goals are stepping stones toward my long-term goals. As Mark stated in his article “The Art of Financial Mapping”, “You’re The Captain Of Your ship, and you never leave your home port without a map. The analogy is also applicable to you financial stability” (pg. 1, para 1, 1994). It is decisions that I make every day while working my current job doing back breaking labor in hopes that one day I will not have to any more.

It is my responsibility to juggle work, school and home life to gain a career that I love. The first stepping stone is going back to school and acquiring my business degree. I am personally responsible for my family’s well-being to provide a roof, food, and whatever else they need. I will do whatever it takes to make a financially stable future for my family. Recognizing how the choice I make directly affect me and those that depend on the support that I provide. In doing this I need to make sure that my children turn into respectable and dependable adults.

Doing so by; setting a good example, maintaining a job, and going to school and still able to have a family life. Without personal responsibility it would be easy to ignore each member of my family. Ellis says in his book “Becoming a Master Student”, “Approach time as if you are in control” (pg. 61, para 8, 2011). Everybody has the same amount of time in the day, take charge. You are the boss of your time use it to you advantage make time for school, work and family.

I believe it is my responsibility to raise my children and be a good role model for them as they grow up into adult hood. In saying that my wife and I work split shifts to give us time with our children and helps us same money for our families’ financial future. The most important reason to be personally responsible is to improve the potential of my families’ future. We both set plains around work and family time so that I can complete school assignments. This allows us to see that my short-term goals are met, along with reaching my long-term goals.

Getting finished with school and becoming financially stable will enhance my families’ future and mine. My wife and I are dedicated to putting money away for the future retirement. We also set up college funds for our children; we put money toward it as well. Possessing time limitations it is very easy to give up. I could start feeling as if I cannot see my short-term goals through. However, one look at my children and wife and I know I need to accomplish all short-term and long-term goals and not forgetting to set time aside for family fun and relaxation.

By accomplishing my short and finally reaching my long-term goals finding the career that I am supposed to be in should provide my family a stable future. In conclusion, even though it would be easy to give up, I am accountable for my family and my financial future. Providing for my wife and children depends on my completion of school and finding a great paying career. Understanding that there are consequences to the choices I make. Knowing that those choices I make will affect my life in the long term. Personal responsibility allows me to make better choices and accept all of the actions that I do.