My personal statement about my educational and career goals

I am 54 years old. I have gone to school the whole of my life. I have friends who have commented on my academic career. I do realize I am a strong spiritual woman, I make mistakes, I pick myself up, dust myself off and keep on going. I love my spiritual higher power; he is my father, my lover, my doctor, and my friend. I have decided to start a bigger emphasis my life; how it needs to be better, the things I need to make it better. I have decided to make a complete 360 degree turn on my life. I have three children that there will be less concentration on. I have plans once I finish this class I will be opening my own child care facility.

I want this child care development center facility to be able to not only help the child but the family as a total. The name of my facility will be HALO, Heavenly, Anointed, Little, Ones. Halo is a center that specializes on the child as a whole; mentally, physically, socially, emotionally. I know it take long, hard, dedication, devotion, and determination. I am so ready to do this. I have a set mind because this is what I am destined to do. I know about the trials and tribulations that there will be and I know about the sacrifices that I will need to get to the golden ring.

Being concentrated is important thing for my academics, and pursuing my career goals. I have a dream, and sometimes things may not go the way you plan, so I have an A plan, B plan, and C plan. I feel it’s best to have more than one egg in a basket. I have had discussions with my family and my conversation consists of me being able to plan to be less stressed. I sometime can be my worst enemy, so I pray a lot; I look to God to lead to not make careless mistakes. I have start learning to cut my losses and don’t hold on when there’s nothing to hold on to.

To get what I never had, I have to do what I’ve never done. It is my intentions to study if not everyday then at least five to six days a week. I feel the reading is most important. I will be going into my classes to come as early as possible. I do believe that the early bird catches the worm. I have always been an early person, through my years my lifestyle has change and I am noticing that I have to adjust to it. I know my studies are to be getting more difficult so I have to get some things that aren’t as important and change my schedule.

I will be making a to do list every day. There may be some academic classes I feel I don’t need but it’s always good to do something new. The way the University of Phoenix started me off, gave me a good Idea on how I was going to get a head start on making things better for my career, my goals. I took the Career Interest Profiler, the Career Competencies, the Work Culture Preferences, and the Reasoning Aptitude and they have given me another perspective about my Employment. I work for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for the before and after school Program and have for 12 years.

I have decided the more education I have will definitely look good on my resume, I love the education process. I enjoy working with the children, there are health reasons that I need to get a job with less physical activity. I do believe pursuing a degree will help me guild on the competencies I need for my future career. The competencies give me an idea where I need to improve with my job qualities, my employment characteristics. My career interests and competencies can help guide me in my personal academic journey by showing what my best fit for my career interests that will go along with my personal academic journey.