The Rise of Vernon Wayne Howell

David Koresh born as Vernon Wayne Howell was born in Houston, Texas in 1959; to a 15 years unwed single parent. His father was never in his life and he was raised by his grandparents (Who’s Who). At the age of 20, Koresh joined the Seventh Day Adventists church. A church in which his mother attended; there is when Koresh became very close with the Lord. A year after joining Seventh Day Adventist church Koresh was kicked out because he was deemed as a bad influence on the younger children that had attended.

Two years later, Koresh decided to go to Hollywood to become a rock star, but his dream was shattered and he did not achieve that dream. In 1935, a religious group by the name of the Branch Davidians formed and settled 10 miles outside of Waco, Texas; and in 1981 Koresh joined it. At time Koresh joined, there were over 1,400 members in the branch (Who’s Who). During his time as a member of the Branch Davidian, Koresh met then leader Lois Roden a sixty year old woman, with whom he began an affair with.

Even though she was 40 years his senior, Koresh used that to his advantage and tried to take over the branch as soon as she passed away two years later. It was a struggle for him because not everyone believed in his way of thinking and also in the way in which he worshipped and praised the Lord. George the son of Lois took over the branch after his mother passed and that left Koresh upset. He felt that was his position. (Who’s Who). In 1983 a feud between George Roden (who was the leader of the Branch Davidians) and Koresh broke out which made their rivalry impossible to choice sides.

Eventually, David got tired of dealing with George over what he felt was his “Sancutary,” so he decided to take those who believed in his words and settled in eastern Texas where he decided to study David beliefs. The group stayed in eastern Texas for two years before returning to Waco, Texas. In 1985 there were two branches, the Branch Davidians and the Branch Davidian. The Branch Davidians had run off the Branch Davidian compound by gunpoint under the command of Roden (CRI, 2009).

During late 1987 camouflaged along; side seven male followers, Koresh returned to Mount Carmel armed with five . 223 caliber semiautomatic assault rifles, two . 22 caliber rifles, two 12-gauge shotguns and nearly 400 rounds of ammunition. During the ambush Roden was shot in the chest and hands (Who’s Who). Koresh and his army of men were arrested and charged with attempted murder; because Roden identified the men and claimed that Koresh was trying to kill him. In his defense Koresh claimed he had only entered the compound to take photographs of the body they claimed Roden illegally exhumed.

Roden apparently challenged Koresh to exhume a body and who ever could resurrect it would then become the prophet of the group (CRI, 2009). The trial of Koresh and his servents ended with them all walking out the courtroom as free men. Roden, on the other hand, was given a six-month jail sentence for threatening the Texas Supreme Court by calling the AIDS on them (CRI, 2009). As Roden served his sentence, that gave Koresh the opportunity to take over the Branch Davidian compound (CRI, 2009).