Salon System

The first thing to start in choosing a salon is to evaluate what needs to be done. A woman who just wants her hair trimmed might go to a beauty salon than women who wants a permanent coloring, or more extensive services. If a woman wants her hair cut promptly and that day, she might be better off visiting to a walk-in salon, more willingly than trying to find her regular stylist. For other kind of services, a woman might want to think about a full-service in by-appointment-only beauty salon.

This signifies that she will have a stylist who is expecting her and definitely knows what she wants to be done. The beauty salon has become an almost iconic figure in Western culture and Southeast Asian culture as well as in modern generation. The beauty salon is where a woman goes to have their hair and nails done, but is also a center for community news confessions and general ‘hen parties”. As such, choosing a beauty salon is a process most women and even men will undergo.

The project is a Salon system was an cashier, reservation, inventory and payroll system that secure everyday transaction of the company. General Objectives The proponent pointed out that the common problem in salon is due to the inconsistency of their manual transaction. The proponent gathered information that can help build a new salon system that can lessen errors at the same time secures the transaction details of the company.

Specific Objectives To develop a system that will ensure the accuracy and preciseness customers billing processes. Customers are more worry-free if they see that the cashier is using a system in computing their bills instead of computing it manually. To design a system that will manage the client’s information automatically This feature is a benefit for the company because client’s information is needed by the company for the accounting purposes. To develop a system that will improve the manual transaction and the security of the system.