Shopping mall

A telephone survey was conducted about the numerous shopping malls in the area of Springdale. This survey was conducted to see which malls are most popular and how each location benefits the many customers that come in and out of the malls. There were some different variables revealed in the survey that include: how often respondent shops at each area, How much the respondent spends during a trip to each area, General attitude during towards each shopping center, which shopping area best fits each description, and importance of each item in respondent’s choice of a shopping area.

The following graphs I have created support all the answers to these questions. The first graph represents the customer opinions about each shopping center. The Springdale mall is one is one of the highest disliked malls by the community. The other malls are more on the dislike side as well. Not a lot of people like the shopping experience. The second graph is the spending analysis at shopping centers. This relates well to my personal life and anyone else I know because most people go to the mall for one or two particular items.

My graph shows that the majority of people spend 15$ or less in one mall experience. The third graph is best fit by decision meaning is it easy to return an item, high quality, are the prices low, good variety of items, good hours, is it clean, and are there bargain sales. Springdale mall was the highest in most all the categories except for low prices was the best for the West mall. The final graph is based on the surveys shopping demographic.

Most men and women are married, but there are however almost as much single people who shop at these malls as well. The results of the survey come down to what is expected to be the most common results for any person. I do not like to ever go to the mall but it is convenient. I also definitely prefer the nicer malls but they do tend to be more expensive and sometimes makes me feel I need to be dressed up. All the results were exactly what I had expected them to be.