Software Process Management

1. Context An electronic shop “ABC Electronic” sells various electronic goods like TV, Laptop, Home Theater systems, DVD, VCD, players, etc. for wholesale and retail. They order all their goods from various dealers of companies like LG, Samsung, etc. These ordered goods are registered in a register by a clerk and stored in a warehouse. If products in the warehouse go below a threshold a letter is sent to the company demanding additional supply of goods.

They have a showroom where in customers can have access to these goods for retail sale. On purchase of a good by a customer, a bill is registered under his name and a valid receipt is given to him with a brand new product from warehouse. For heavy goods the customer can demand home delivery which incurs addition charges after a valid entry of the transporter, customer and vehicle used and product id. If products here fall short of supply or a new model is launched, products from ware house are moved here after valid entry. The shop even offers wholesale to large orders from various companies, schools, institutes on demand.

The price for these sales varies according to number of pieces required. The shop has all their customer details recorded for further use and sends them offer letters in case a sale is decided by the management. They also prefer taking feedback from the customer about the salesman who served them, ambience of the shop, variety of goods, etc. for improving themselves. The shop has all details of their employee recorded (including their designation and salary) and feedback related to them which is reviewed on half yearly basis and required increment, promotion and bonus is given to deserving employees.

2. Problem With rapid growth in customers and in turn products the shop is not able to make valid entries manually due to lack of trust worthy clerks. The shop hence requires software to keep a track of all details. The system shall provide provision to make entry of goods as they arrive to warehouse. This entry shall include data such as brand, product, product_id, category, configuration, price, status, quantity, etc. which shall be visible to all employees in order to check stock. Confidential data such as cost price of product, selling price and profit earned shall be visible to only secured users like managers.

The system shall have records of all their sources from which they get the supply of goods including their name, brand_supplied, mailed, etc. If the goods quantity goes below a threshold a mail shall be sent to the company demanding additional stock after the order being registered. On arrival of the order the system shall update the database and register the order as delivered. The system shall have all their customers registered such as name, cell no, mail-id, address, privilege, etc. Also a provision to add a new customer shall be provided. A provision to inform the customer about a sale through mail and sms shall be provided by the system. The customers shall be registered with privileges of * Bronze (Not so frequent customer)

* Silver (Regular customers) * Gold (Wholesale customers) Additional privileges such as discounts, point cards shall be given to Silver and Gold customers where the discount rate shall be decided by the management. The system shall provide a secured login billing system to register bills and print receipts. The payment mode and payment shall be registered under the particulars cashiers name with time taken per transaction recorded. If the customer has demanded home delivery the charges shall also be included and a valid entry to the transporter shall be made. The bills shall be visible to manager only after a secured login.

The system shall have provision to store reviews of the customer based on salesman who served them, ambience of the shop, variety of goods, etc. These reviews shall be available to manager only after a secured login. The system shall provide to store data about all employees with data like name, cell no, address mail-id, designation, salary, etc. stored in the system. Only the manager shall have rights to modify the above after a secured login. If a customer registers a complaint regarding the product a notification shall be sent to the company in order to send a service engineer as soon as possible.