The Story of Tom Brennan

Does it matter? Losing your leg? Does it matter? Losing your sight? Do they matter? Those dreams from the pit? Poetry of Siegfried Sassoon reveals the true horrors of world war one. Good morning year 11 and sir. Siegfried Sassoon was a soldier in world war one which was fought between 1914 to 1918. This war conflicts of horror and destruction in which ten million soldiers lost their lives. Soldiers in world war one had experienced so much horrifying events that caused them to have physical and mental problems. this happened by the filthy conditions in the trenches.

The trenches were filled in dead bodies and blood, rats and lice, water and mud and the smell of humans rotting away. The constant loud sound of artillery firing destroying soldiers and the land played an important role. The constant seeing of your friends, family and other soldiers dying only meters away from you. All this lead to problems that destroyed the soldier’s bodies and minds. When the war finished those who returned home after witnessing all this terrible events where changed physically and emotionally. Sassoon was a poet that produced many poems revealing the true horrors of world war one.

Does it matter? And the dugout are two of his poems which clearly portrays the message of destruction by the use of techniques like repetition, symbolism, rhetorical questions and imagery to give the audience a deeper understanding of the poems message. Does it matter? Is a poem writing by Sassoon during the war. This poem by the use of many different techniques shows us the horrors experienced in ww1. Does it matter? Losing your leg? This is a rhetorical question asking the audience does it matter? Losing your leg.