The Future

Your future can be as simple as the things that you plan to do next week or your future can be as complex as what you will plan on accomplishing in the next five to ten years. Why should we think about our own future? Taking the time out to plan your own future is important because as the saying goes “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”. I chose that quote in relation to the future because having a plan will have a positive effect on the outcome of your future and not having a plan can affect your future in a negative way. My perfect future would be getting lucky and hitting the lotto.

I can see it now, hitting the lotto would be perfect in my future because one of my biggest fears is not being financially stable. Although being financially stable is not publically known as a fear it is my fear because I hate having to live from check to check or as my youngest sister would say “I hate the struggle”. After hitting the lotto all my worries would go away, I could have the home of my dreams, the car of my dreams and the best part would be being able to give my wife and children anything that they would ask for at the drop of a dime.

People tend to say “money is the root of all evil” but I beg to differ with that quote because if the right amount of money is put into the right hands nothing but good things can happen. Money being the root of evil is a thing people who live with regret and anger can be described with. Bill gates has plenty of money, I never see him on the eight o’clock news or newspaper headlines “Bill gates robs local liquor store”. The people who rob liquor stores are apart of the struggle so something as basic as money can cause them to loot and rob to bring forth the evil so to speak.

Hitting the lotto can be a bit farfetched so with that being said the thought that runs through my mind is my perfectly horrible future. A bad or horrible future for me would be having a house full of children around four to five of them and living from check to check. Imagine having all the bills paid for, car notes if you have them paid on time, mortgage paid on time but you wake up and go to a job you hate doing everyday of your life. On the positive side yes you are living the American dream you have a home, a wife and some children.

On the negative side you hate life because you are not working in the profession for what you have passion for. No one likes getting up and going to their job because the word job to me can be broken down to mean just over broke. So being just over broke or living from check to check is a horrible future to me because in between checks you are attempting to put money together just to make it and in my opinion that is not a comfortable way to live.

After smiling about the thought of being able to hit the lotto and then turning that smile upside down to the thought of barley making it in life I start to think about what will probably happen in my future. My future will be quite simple; I am currently going to school to become a Registered nurse. School has its ups and downs with the struggle of homework and exams but I look at it as a realist and say to me “whether you finish school and become a RN in four years or you finish school and become a RN in ten years it is solely up to you”.

I decided to ask my Aunt Cookie what did she imagine will happen in ten years and she simply responded “in ten years, well in ten years I will be eighteen years into my job and once eighteen years hit baby I am on the downhill to retirement”. Even though my Aunt Cookie took my question and personalized it I understood her quote to mean that as long as you have a plan and stick to it your future is what you make it. I chose the career path of wanting to become a RN so if I stick to my plan I will be successful and happy so I to can be on the downhill to retirement.

In conclusion, I feel there is no right answer when it comes to the best way of preparing for the future because your own future depends on the things that you choose to do or the things that you choose not to do. In my opinion I don’t think you can prepare for the actual future at all you just have to roll with the punches. When I say roll with the punches I mean you have to deal with the time of change when the time changes you cannot prepare for something when you do not know that will happen, that is sort of like trying to prepare for a psychology test but you never enrolled in psychology it is close to impossible.