Types of Friends

People do not live without making friendships. Having friends is really important in the real life. Some of them last for the whole life and some is not. There are three types of friends, the general acquaintance friends, social friend, and true friends. Firstly, the temporary friends are the friends that you know a little bit of them or even you know their names only. These friends you know them for a while and then you forgot them. For example, trying to make friends for a benefit you need from them.

I remember a friend that I have him for a while and then he disappeared. This happens when I was 15 years old. My father was working in the ministry of finance and my friend was from a poor family. His father was unemployed, so he needs to make a request for the government to help him. And my friend, I couldn’t remember his name want me to tell my father about them and ask the minster for help if possible. So, I go straight forward and told my father and he was willing to help them.

After some days, the helping money was given to his father, but this was the last day that I saw him and I didn’t see him any more. Secondly, the social pertness can be seen in the class or in the social networking sites. The friends that are in the class are not the true friends because you saw them in the class only. There will be a small relationship between you and them. Also, there will be temporary time to see them. For example, you saw them in the class only.

Another thing is that if you go to another class, you will find another friends and you will probably forgot about previous. The second thing is the social networking friends. These kinds of friends are only for chatting and having fun written. They are not well-known. They don’t know any thing about them even the name may be a fake. For example, lots of teenagers try to chat and make friendships with girl by using the social sites. And when they search about female names, they send a friend request and they started to chat.

After times ago, they figure out that they are a boy not girl. The third type of friend is the true friend. These friends are often the friends you know them until you died. There are the friends that you can tell them everything about your private life. Even, sometimes you need to tell somebody about your problems. When you find these friends that they consider you as a member of their family, you can tell them about everything you feel, and they will try to solve your problem.

Personally, I have a friend that I feel he is my brother from another mother. He came to my house any time he wants without waiting for permission. He is really my best friend that I can complain to him about my problems and he do the some to me. We are the best friends forever. In conclusion, there are three different types of friends that each type has its feature. However, there are all seems to be equal treated friends but they are not. Every category has its feature and should be different treated from the other.