Why I Want to Become a Dentist

The career that I have chosen for my future is to become a dentist. Become a dentist is one of my biggest dreams, because is something that I always wanted to be since I was a child. There are a lot of advantages of becoming a dentist that I really love about this career. Firstly there are a lot of opportunities of getting a good job, also be able to help others with their dental care, earn good money, and have a flexible schedule. Become a dentists is something that I really want, because it can give me a lot of opportunities that I really want to have in a career.

In this career, I will always be able to have a job because it is one of the jobs that are always in demand. Due to the success of preventive dentistry on reducing the oral incidents, I can see that a lot of elderly people are keeping their teeth longer and realizing the importance of regular dental care services. So that means that the demand for dental care will continue to grow and more dentists would be need. This career sounds very exciting for me, due to the fact I don’t have to worry about if there are enough jobs or not because people are always going to need oral services whether if the economy of the country is good or bad.

Moreover in this career I am going to have the opportunity to do one of the things that I really love doing, which is helping others. This career will not only let me teach good habits for good health. But will also let me educate patients, as well as the general public, on how to achieve oral health and to prevent diseases. In fact in the dentistry career I will be able to perform an important service for everyone to help them to maintain their teeth appearance good.

In addition the dentistry career is a very excitement career, because this is one of the careers that better pays and is a very strong reason that helps me to pick this career. According to the “dental team board, a dentist income average is in the highest 8%” so a dentist in fact is doing 100,000 per year which does not sound bad. This career is very good because I going to be able to get good money for a job that is not hard and to do it on the career that I love. Another reason which I have chosen this career, it is because it can allow me to be my own boss due to the flexibility of schedule that this career can give me.

Although this career would give me good money, the flexibility it is very important for me because I planning to open a couple of stores with my brother very soon, sort of like a family business. Therefore this career will allow me to dedicate enough time to what we are planning to do. Also not only I’ll get time to realize my plans but I can also have time to go to schools to encourage people that would be trying to become a dentist to do not give up until they get to their dream of becoming a dentists.