The Wave – Individuals and Their World

“Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around”. People can’t deny the truth that they are easily influenced by the area, people around them and experiences they have as well. The environment, relationships and experiences do play an important role on shaping the individual and their world. The Wave by Morton Rhue and the poem “The Door” by Miroslav Holub are the two examples which focus on proving the effect that environment, relationships and experiences have on the individual and their world.

Body: The environment that people live in has a huge impact on people. The environment is the world they live in. It changes people in both positive and negative ways. The Wave, for instance, shows how the individual and their world are affected by the setting. Before the wave was introduced, students in the school, particularly in Mr Ross class didn’t do their homework and assignments and they didn’t often follow his instructions too.

However when their environment changed with the introduction of the Wave where the environment became more strict, there were improvements seen in the class. “The class homework assignment had improved. On a multiple choice test they might all do well. Moreover, Robert – the class creepy became more confident, more active and started to participate in class. He was like a new person. Therefore, the Wave had changed student’s behaviour in Mr Ross’s class which also means the environment does shape the individual and their world.

People are also affected by the relationship that they have with the others. In The Wave by Morton Rhue, Laurie’s parents often talked to Laurie about the things that they had heard about the Wave thing, so that Laurie could make up her mind as well as made a own decision about join or not to join the Wave. Besides that, the friendship between Laurie and Amy has resulted in Amy’s view and thinking about everything. Since Amy became Laurie friends, Amy wanted to have a football player as her boyfriend just like Laurie. Amy always tried to get the same grade as Laurie.

The other examples that show how the relationship shape the individual is the whole school got involved in the Wave. Everyone did that because they wanted to be with their friend, they didn’t want to be apart or be alone. Therefore, it is clear that the relationship is very important with the individual and their world. The Experiences that people have is an important thing which helps the individual to shape their own world. The Wave shows us a good example about how experiences affect people’s life. At the beginning, Laurie was interested and involved in the Wave like everyone else.

However, after she found that other people not a part of the wave were being beaten and threatened, she decided to leave The Wave. She made the decision that she had to do something to stop the Wave because it was now out of control and it could hurt people that didn’t want to join it. So, the experience that people have will result in the change of people’s behaviour, thinking and decisions. Experiences do shape the individual and their world. Beside the novel the Wave, “the Door” by Miroslav Holub also shows how the environment affects the individual and their world.

Maybe outside there’s A tree, or a wood A garden. Or a magic city” The things mentioned progress from ordinary objects “a tree or a wood” to something better “a garden” and finally into something fantastic “a magic city”. It means if we don’t accept change, accept a new environment, we can’t see the new views of life and we will be tied in our own world. So, we need to “go and open the door” to discover the new things, to have a different environment which maybe better for you. Thus, the change of environment also leads to the change of people and their view of life. The Door” has showed how important relationships have on the individual and their world. We often have to be urged by others to accept change and to enter a new world.

This is showed by the line “Go and open the door”. In in this particular situation, the readers can feel that they are urged by the author to “go and open the door”, to accept change and challenge. So, the relationship between people is also important to a person’s choice and decision which means it also take part in shaping the individual and their world. The Door” also focuses on presenting the importance that experiences have on shaping the individual and their world. The poem implies that we need to know what is on the other side (magic city, a face or a picture), we need to address our deeper fear (darkness ticking), and we need to accept change to see if there is anything outside our own small world. The experience of accepting change and taking the step to explore it changes our viewpoints about the world and can bring us to a better place.

Hence, the experience of accepting chance really does shape the individual and their world. Conclusion: In summary, the individual and their world are shaped by the environment, relationships and experiences. The Wave and “The Door” are the two good examples which focus on explaining how those three factors above shape the individual and their world and can change the individual. The novel as well as the poem also shows us the fact that people are easily influenced by people around them, by the experience they have and by the surrounding world they live in.