What Makes a Firefighter

As a young child, I began to have a strong interest in firefighting. I would run all over the house playing firefighter and have little firefighter games set up to which I was the hero every time. It was so intriguing when a ambulance or a fire truck blew by on the road with the lights and sirens blaring loudly and the sound bouncing off of the cars on the road. I wanted to be a firefighter. Years passed and the day came when I was old enough to begin my journey as a firefighter. I went out to State Road Fire Department and talked to the Chief and then by the time I left, I was voted in and had my own set of gear!

I was so excited that my life long dream had came true. I went back home and put it all on and started strutting around the house like I was the king of the world. I knew that I would be constantly out on calls and saving lives and that gave me a rush of excitement every time the thought was in my head. After three years in the fire service now, I am a certified firefighter and EMT. Calls continue to come and continue to make me go to them. It never gets old, but the excitement has faded slightly.

Not because it’s not interesting anymore but more because I have realized that the cocky attitude and the overwhelming excitement and rush to get to the call is not what makes a firefighter. By being a firefighter, people ask me all the time, “So you’re a firefighter. What’s your job like? How much do you make? Why do you do what you do? ” When I started at the fire department, I would answer, “Because of the excitement and the thrill. ” But, after I have really sat back and thought about the life I live as a fireman and the calls I run my answer now is different then before.

So you’re a firefighter. How much do you make? What’s your job like? ” I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world to you when I am cutting you out of a car. I make five minutes seem like an hour as the time passes while I am inside a burning build saving a family trapped on the inside. I make the annoying siren you hear on a day to day basis flying by your office sound like an angel singing to you when you need me to be there fast to help you. I can make your child breath when they stop or make your loved ones heart beat again when it stops.

I can help you survive a heart attack, a stroke, stop your bleeding, and help you up when you fall and can’t get up. I make myself get out of bed at three in the morning to save a life and help people I have never even met. I go out in the cold and the snow, ice, rain, storms, or the blazing heat to give someone the assistance they need while your in your nice house and comfortable. I do it all because I know someday you will need me. I don’t care about the money I make or the loss of sleep as long as I make a difference when I get a call.

I go risk all I have for others well being and safety because I care. I am a firefighter to make a difference and I do it for you. The life of a firefighter isn’t what you see in your rear view mirror coming up behind you with sirens and lights blaring. Being a firefighter is much more then that. I always thought that it was about the trucks and lights and the flames and flying down the road to get somewhere to put out a fire. I was old one time by a fellow firefighter Luke Stevens, “If it was burning when you got the call, it will be burning when you get there.

If they were hurting when you got the call, they will be hurting when you get there. The fire inside of you and the care you have inside of you will determine how long you allow them to hurt or for the fire to blaze before you get there. ” I have settled down a lot now thanks to the maturity and experience I have gained through the years and the different calls. People are my drive when a call comes. I do it to help and go because someone needs help. A firefighter’s life is made up of various different things.

As you know already fire, fire trucks, loud sirens, and bright lights are some of the basics. But the heart attack calls, the trauma calls from wrecks, falls, mechanical accidents, the sick calls, stroke calls, investigative calls, overdose calls, and then the CPR calls. Saving lives and saving peoples property is what defines a firefighters life. My life is nothing short of that. So in case you were wondering what we or I myself make as a firefighter, we make a difference in lives of other and one day it may be your life. When the call comes, I will be there.