Why Poverty Exists

As you travel the southern African countries,you will find that the population is decreasing due to this deadly disease we call AIDS. But you will find that this health problem has been over looked and over taken by a fierce and growing and long term problem known as poverty. There are key issues that countries neglect and yet they are the cause of poverty. If well planned and precaution measures taken,there can be less poverty. These normally are natural resource preservation measures that have to be taken.

Forexample this issue about food starvation according to Jack M. Hollander (2003) The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, Is the Environment’s Number One Enemy,I believe that there is enough food for everybody but the problem why others are starving is that this food is not well distributed but does anybody know why this is happening? There are some parts that are affected with land and technology problems and so that can be a food productivity problem.

To some other parts,inorder to get food,you have to be with an income and if this income is not enough,then there cant be any food bought for the family even though the food is sold nearly in every shop leading to starvation. So what I am saying is that to some where there is availability of food,they may not have money to buy it and to some who have money,there maynot be enough food in the market or shop to buy. If you go to countries that are poor with natural resources,water,forests,poor people get very marginalized.

When the country is poor and is lacking finances and technical expertise,then even if there is a water problem,there cant be any solution for the people there who are interested in farming . There isn’t any emergency precautions that can be taken just incase such problems arise. There are some water supplies like river basins but then these are usually shared and people find it very hard to work together or share them and this leads to non ending conflicts. So the solution here is people to come together and realise that water is the most important natural resource enabling people to stay alive.

So emphasis should be put more on water management projects. Because of poverty,forests are oftenly destroyed due to the fact that farmers think they can make subsitance farms not knowing that this brings destruction of natural resources for the sake of achieving a short term result. Air pollution and traffic congestion can also be the cause of poverty in a way that this can cause accidents and the whole cost goes back to the transport divison which incurs a lot of money to implement startegies to avoid these accidents.

As for the pollution,I think this is usually in areas which have too many people as compared to the place . In some countries there is a lot of modes of transport like bicycles,motorcycles,taxi,buses and many others. These forms of transport turn out to exceed the number required on the roads and because of this ,the place ends up facing poor transport services. Some other factor encouraging poverty is the lack of gender equality. This is where by women are not given the same chance as men to get involved in their community development like having a proffesion or going to work.

What I think is that they should encourage women to get educated more by giving them the necessary tools they need. There are some diseases that make countries poor like AIDS,Tuberclosis and many others that are in the killer diease category. These diseases have been in the leading cause of many deaths and they should get a way to prevent this from happening. Countries which are greatly affected by poverty should come up with an individual plan and work out ways of how they can deal with this poverty problem knowing the causes of this problem.